Mobile Crêperie in Victoria.

Unique Crêpe Cakes in Melbourne

Impress your guest with a fancy dessert to end your corporate or private events.

Marion from LES CRÊPES DE MARION will prepare her unique crepe cake for you.

Desserts Made Differently

Crepe cakes are decadent classic French cakes made of several layers of paper thin crepes separated with delicious fillings in between. When correctly prepared, they are light, tasty and have a great texture. Furthermore, they don't take much time to prepare and do not require baking.

Here at LES CRÊPES DE MARION, we will prepare the cake to your likings in one of the following flavours: Chocolate Ganache, Salted Caramel or Creme Chiboust.

Delicious French cakes made of layers of crepes

Crêpe Cakes – Melbourne
 Crêpe Cakes  – Mornington Peninsula

Crepe Cakes for All Your Events

LES CRÊPES DE MARION caters for private and corporate events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, kids parties, corporate functions, open days, school fairs and more across Victoria. We serve a wide variety of crepes, both sweet and savoury, with different fillings.

We also specialise in crepe cakes, the perfect grand finale to dazzle your guests.

We will make crepe cakes for all your private and corporate events

Our Crepe Cakes are available in the following flavours:

  • Chocolate ganache
  • Salted caramel
  • Creme chiboust

To order our unique crepe cakes

“Il suffît d'un sourire entrevu là-bas sous un chapeau de crêpe blanc à bavolet lilas, pour que l'âme entre dans le palais des rêves.”
Les Misérables (1862), IV, Un coeur sous une pierre de Victor Hugo