Mobile Crêperie in Victoria.

Crepes at local farmers markets Melbourne

The mobile creperie Les Crêpes de Marion can be found in local farmers or other markets throughout Melbourne.

Find our stand at your local farmers market...

Local farmers markets are organised regularly throughout Melbourne or Australia in general. They are the perfect occasion to get the taste of local and bio vegetables, fruits or other products grown by your local farmers. The markets can be found the 1st Saturday of every months in St Kilda, 2nd Saturday of every months at Coal Creek, Korumburra and Collingwood, 2nd and 4th Saturday of every months at Coburg, 3rd Saturday of every months at Fairfield and Gasworks, Albert Park and 4th Saturday of every months at Abbotsford. Now, you can also enjoy authentic French crepes at local farmers markets at the Les Crêpes de Marion stand.

Find Les Crêpes de Marion stand at your local farmers markets in  Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Country Victoria and Bayside regions.

“Il suffît d'un sourire entrevu là-bas sous un chapeau de crêpe blanc à bavolet lilas, pour que l'âme entre dans le palais des rêves.”
Les Misérables (1862), IV, Un coeur sous une pierre de Victor Hugo

Les Crêpes de Marion

Melbourne, VIC 3000


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