Mobile Crêperie in Victoria.

Sweet crepes Mornington peninsula

Get a taste of France cuisine with the unique crepes from Brittany at the stand of Les Crêpes de Marion.

Crepes are both sweet and savoury...depends on your taste and mood.

You can enjoy both sweet and savoury crepes depending on what you are craving for. Sweet crepes usually come with a wide selection of fillings, from the most basic, sugar, to all kinds of jams, melted chocolates, ice cream or mixture of tropical fruits. They are very good idea for a quick and easily prepared dessert. The batter is a basic mixture of flour, eggs, milk, butter and a pinch of salt. As for the fillings, you can use whatever you have at hand. At the Les Crêpes de Marion stand, you will get the chance to taste a secret family recipe that has been passed on for the past 30 years.

The mobile creperie Les Crêpes de Marion can be found in local farmers or other markets throughout Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Country Victoria and Bayside.

“Il suffît d'un sourire entrevu là-bas sous un chapeau de crêpe blanc à bavolet lilas, pour que l'âme entre dans le palais des rêves.”
Les Misérables (1862), IV, Un coeur sous une pierre de Victor Hugo

Les Crêpes de Marion

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